REG. NO. CK 1990/001290/23
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  Protect your Health, Property, Possessions and Reputation from the harmful habits of Pests. 

  Your Pest Problem becomes our Problem. 

  Progressive and Safe treatments.

     About Us
  • 30 Years experience in Structural Pest Control and in addition 15 years experience in the Construction and Engineering industries, hence, proficient with the structural aspects of Pest Control in terms of Pest entry points and Proofing measures.

  • Service Delivery is our Goal
  • We strive to deliver an Efficient, Safe and Professional Service at competitive prices.
  • Our aim is to ensure Pest-Free Premises whilst we endeavor to avoid harming beneficial organisms such as Bees, Earthworms, Ladybirds, Birds, Chameleons, Spiders, Geckos, Lizards, etc.
  • Registered in terms of Act No. 36 of 1947. (Reg. Certificate No. P4424)



  • Qualified in National Certificate of Pest Control
    • Certificate No. 234006
  • N.C.P.C. Qualified in the fields of:
    • Environmental Pest Control
    • Principles of Pest Control
    • Pest Biology
    • Pesticide Marketing
    • Fumigation
    • Plant Pests and Diseases
  • Certified by the British Pest Control Association
    • Certificate No. 4253
    • Qualification recognized by European Union Countries in respect of I.S.P.M. 15 treatments for Export purposes.
  • Registered & Certified by the Pest Control Services Industry Board. (Reg. No. C2008KHA0069)
  • Certificate of Competency in Pest Control for Food Safety for HACCP Programs.
    • Certificate No. PMA0036/09HACCP. Unit Standard Title ID 120417
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